Sophie Jane

I started photographing weddings at the age of 19. I instantly fell in love with the ability to capture a love story through photos and preserve those feelings and memories for years to come.

Through the years my style has changed and evolved but my core values have always been the same. To tell a story that is true to you.

For me, a wedding shouldn't be a fancy show or a content creator's dream. It should be about two people who simply fell in love.

“If you were to ask what my dream couple would be I would simply say - The kind of people who value the little moments more than the big.

I'd describe my style of work as Nostalgic and traditional but with an editiorial twist.

My love for Vintage culture plays a huge part in my love and style of photography. I take huge inspiration from films set in various past eras, Weddings from the 1930-1970s and my love for vintage interiors.

Capturing your love stories will always be the biggest honour.”

Livy & Dan,

"Oh Sophie, I just cried the whole time. It's absolutely beyond anything we have hoped for, we are over the moon."